The Science

Research Study

Feeling good on a bike is important.

After dozens of glowing athlete endorsements and tech editor reviews from the likes of Ian Boswell, Yuri Hauswald, CyclingTips and RKP consensus is: Coefficient bars are feel good handlebars.

Science and substance matter too.

Especially for Coefficient as we bend traditional handlebar theory in support of cyclists' ongoing search for improved comfort and performance.

As you'll read in Paraic's memo, preliminary Coefficient testing results are impressive. Cyclologic's WaveResearch Project will measure a variety of performance influencers including metabolic and respiratory efficiency, rider stability, aerodynamics and more.

Results will be shared on this Coefficient Science page throughout the year, with the next batch of data due in June 2020.

Paraic's memo:

"The Coefficient AR and the upcoming RR models are redefining the biomechanical interaction with the front end of a bicycle. In addition, the preliminary aero and ventilatory data that we have gathered demonstrate improved aerodynamics, frontal area, comfort, and breathing mechanics."

"The Cyclologic Wave handlebar research project will unpack all the science behind why the Coefficient's sweep + slope design are revelatory for our test riders and the burgeoning Coefficient community. We are highly impressed by Coefficient’s focus on validation and interest in Cycling Science and their thirst for truth rather than marketing hyperbole.

"We are in the process of studying this new cockpit ecosystem in our MOTIONMETRIQ lab. Coefficient Cycling leadership has given us a clear design brief on the underlying neuro muscular reasons driving the rider feedback already received. We are looking forward to providing our findings as we progress through controlled, science-based rider testing. There’s more to learn about the Coefficient bar and why it improves rider comfort and performance. We are rolling up our sleeves with the Coefficient team to get answers and drive future innovation”

Paraic McGlynn 
Founder & Chief Technologist — Cyclologic & MotionMetriq Performance Advisor
Trek-Segafredo WorldTour Team


The Coefficient Form

From the front:
The Coefficient rises from the stem to its crown, then slopes down to the drops at 15-degrees to provide a proper neutral alignment for your shoulders and wrists. The thumb notches on the drops offer a solid & secure grasp for sprinting, descending, and bouncing through rough terrain.

From the side:
When designing the Coefficient AR, our engineers paid special attention to ensure the drops are located in the same position as a conventional drop bar. 9 of 10 Wave riders don't adjust their stack height. With a 77mm reach, 120mm drop and 4-degree flare, the AR is truly an all-rounder, do-it-all handlebar.

From the top:
The AR bends forward from the stem to offer a 12-degree back sweep of the bar tops, providing a natural, neutral wrist position for improved comfort and power. The AR top's grip circumference varies based on bar width to appropriately match smaller and larger hands.